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AmpliFIRE 12 Atomic CLR NEO MKII Ampli-Firebox
AmpliFIRE 12
Our Price: $799.95
Our Price: $999.95
Our Price: $299.95
Full-sized, floor-based guitar procesor with world-class amp modeling and professional grade effects. The CLR NEO MKII is the result of years of refining our best-in-class (and beyond) CLR loudspeaker to make it play louder and run cooler while maintaining or enhancing its legendary performance characteristics. Ampli-Firebox is the world's first professional-quality digital amp and cab modeling processor in a compact stompbox. The familiar controls make it as simple to use as a tube amp while the sophisticated audio engine and patented amp modeling produce a tone and feel that will make you forget you left the amp at home.