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AMPLI-FIREBOX MK II – Atomic's follow-up to its award-winning Ampli-Firebox, the world’s first high-end amp modeler in a stompbox.

The MKII contains all the key elements that made the original an award-winning, genre starter: Elite level amp modeling, user IRs, suite of core effects (drive, delay, reverb, comp, gate, eq), 1/4″ and XLR outputs, customizable interface and editor app.

Building on the success of the Ampli-Firebox Mark I, Atomic continues to evolve the platform with innovation both from our research and from customer feedback. The result includes refinements and enhancements making it even more powerful yet easier to use.


Next generation amp modeling engine including dynamic resonance control
New amp models
Headphone jack
New streamlined operating system/UI
Simplified 3-way toggle switches (one each to control amp, cab and presets)
Both footswitches completely assignable (turn on/off any effect simultaneously, select/toggle between presets or tap tempo etc)
Dedicated save function

Control lock function (so accidentally knocking a knob or switch doesn’t unintentionally change sound)
Knob position locator (LEDs temporarily flash when knobs are turned, locking solid when the preset value is reached)
New Speaker Impulses (IRs)
FX level knob (individually control or blend reverb and/or delay)
Load mode (lets user choose whether pedal boots to favorite preset, WYSIWIG or last state)
Sleeker look

The Ampli-Firebox MKII is the perfect amp-modeling centerpiece to a guitarist’s pedal board or standalone solution into an amp, direct to front-of-house or for recording. It’s also an ideal portable silent practice solution and no compromise backup rig.